Robot Unicorn Attack – Game Review

Robot Unicorn Assault is one of those games where you think, Amazing! What a cool game name, this game should be great with robots and unicorns that assault. The amount more might you at any point be inappropriate to think this. Saying that however, this game is cool, as a matter of fact it’s actual cool. It’s an unlikely treasure with regards to the compelling playability, you’ll find it hard to quit playing!

Ongoing interaction

In Robot Unicorn Assault, you are in charge of a wonderful rainbow unicorn who is on a mission to stumble into the terrains by running, hopping and taking off your direction through the enchanted stage levels of purple persona. The more extended your ready to keep your unicorn out of damages way and on the straight way, the more focuses you can procure.

The game has a straightforward strategy to it, yet it’s difficult to dominate with the haphazardly produced obstructions that either should be gotten around, or crushed through by ‘running’. Get the flying faeries en route as you run past on your fearless lively stead, or perceive how long you can take off through the air without contacting your unicorn’s feet back on the ground or reaching a stopping point in mid flight.


There are just 2 controls in this game which you might believe is simple, however trust us, whenever you’ve begun playing you will be appreciative that there is simply 2 to stress over squeezing! Guide your rainbow unicorn through the levels by one or the other bouncing over, running through or coasting over the different irregular snags while looking out for the right way to take without having any head on impacts or tumbling off the edge.

– Press ‘Z’ to Bounce
– Press ‘X’ to Run

How To Play?

Robot Unicorn Assault is an claim free credit new member exceptionally simple game to get everything rolling, the Unicorn will run all alone and to it’s own speed, and what you need to do is guide it to get around holes in the stage floors, get around walls and hindrances (ordinarily monster stars), Run through snags, and gather the Unicorn’s faerie companions a long the way. This together will truly set you feeling serious to attempt to get the most elevated score conceivable, and afterward you will need to attempt in the future to beat your previous score.

You have 3 possibilities for each game, In the event that you collide with a wall or hindrance or tumble off the edge then you will free an opportunity. Albeit, the more you figure out how to remain alive for, the quicker and harder the game gets. So particularly gather as numerous faeries all through your excursion to add some additional atta boys!


The designs in this game work everything out such that habit-forming and rousing, with it’s affectionately enlivened fine art of foundation subjects and the vivified multi-shaded rainbow stripes on your unicorn. The movement of the Unicorn with its running style, hops and run development livelinesss are as exact and as liquid as you might actually care about. Drench yourself into the game, and get dependent by the Unicorn’s dreamland.