Reiner Knizia Games on iPod Touch

Reiner Knizia is a German game planner who has won various honors and is known for having fostered his most memorable game at the young age of six. He has planned above and beyond 500 games; he is exceptionally acclaimed as a planner, having won probably the most elevated proposals of the planning scene.. Knizia has likewise planned different game applications explicitly for the iPhone and iPod contact, including Stupendous, Roto and Robot Expert.

Knizia is genuinely a flexible game originator, with having planned games from most classifications like: little two-player games, youngsters’ games, straightforward games, complex games, and, surprisingly, a true to life pretending game.

The greater part of Knizia’s games tend not to attempt to show a particular climate, but rather attempt to conjure the idea and dynamic cycles that แทงมวย are critical to the subject. In this game-world the players are continuously endeavoring to cost risk.

A portion of his most well known games are: Amun-Re victor of the Deutscher Spiele Preis 2003, Realms Champ of the Beginnings Grant for Best Unique Table game of 2002, Blue Moon, Keltis victor of the Routine des Jahres 2008, Master of the Rings champ of the Routine des Jahres 2001 extraordinary award for best utilization of writing in a game, Lost Urban communities champ, Global Gamers Grant 2000 for Best 2-player technique game and some more.

Be that as it may, we should return to Knizia’s ipod contact games:


On a first sight this game appears to be sufficiently basic, the objective in this game is to finished every flat line with matching tiles like: a similar image, a similar variety, an ideal sets of two out of three tiles and similar number of images, the a greater amount of these you match in succession the more focuses you get.


The standards here are easy to see so anybody can play, yet dominating every one of the difficulties and preparing to utilize the most ideal mixes is more diligently than it might appear. You can respite and resume at whatever point it suits you.

Robot Expert

Alternate putting numbered cards down on a 5 x 5 matrix to score lines both in an upward direction and evenly. The scores for each not entirely settled by the amount of the cards.