Hello Kitty Online Celebrates 34th Birthday With Game Events and Quests

Hello Kitty turns 34 on November 1, 2008, so to celebrate this auspicious occasion, the Hello Kitty online game world introduced a week long series of quests as well as multiple charity events that allows players to convert the efforts that they put into the game into the real world money donated to charity. With this focus on celebrating Hello Kitty’s 34th birthday, the entire month of November has been considered to be a special time for players and developers alike. In the game world, players and staff alike are celebrating the 34th birthday to the fullest extent, participating in all manner of celebrations as well as quests that have been implemented for a limited time only.

Players hoping to join in on the celebration are welcomed to sign up at MMOHub and enjoy the range of exciting events as well as the multitude of activities that are planned during the beta testing of the popular game. Hello Kitty online is an MMORPG that is based on the extremely popular characters from Japan. Taking place completely inside of Sanrio Land, the game world integrates all manner of Internet technologies such as video sharing, e-mail and blogs to provide a complete social experience for users and players, even during the game itself.

While the current beta will shut down in order for developers to begin working on the open beta, players will retain their characters and most of the stats and skills in the future versions of the game.

The events include the Hello Kitty birthday party, which is exactly what it sounds like, bringing players together to enjoy many events and quests to celebrate the แทงบอลออนไลน์ เว็บไหนดี birthday of the legendary icon. In addition, there will be a massive guild competition that requires players to come together and build representations of New York in the form of its most famous landmarks such as the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. Winners will be awarded special items and receive formal recognition in the new zone that they helped to create.

The food for friends Charity event will be an in game Guild contest that allows players to win items for charity. By participating, the guilds will compete in game to craft certain prepared food items and then turn them into the game master, with the best guild declared the winner. The donation to charity will be made in the name of that particular guild and there will be all manner of special guild privileges as well as a small featurette on the guild itself including an interview posted on the official blog and press releases.

Hello Kitty is the first online role-playing game to integrate social websites and Web services into the game itself. Naturally, like any free MMORPG, the game features a player based economy, skill systems, guilds and customizable avatars as well as a leveling system that functions as many MMORPG’s already do. In addition, the game features a unique game world designed by developers that includes New York, Paris, Tokyo and the Flower Kingdom.